Need a speaker that will move your audience?

Leigh Ellis has a very powerful way of resonating with people and meeting them where they’re at.

His unique way of communicating allows him to engage audiences of all shapes and sizes in a very authentic and genuine way, allowing attendees to walk out differently than how they arrived.

An Incredibly Engaging Experience!


If you’re looking for a POWERFUL speaker that will leave your audience FIRED UP and feeling EMPOWERED, then you may consider booking Leigh Ellis for your next event. With a unique and effective ability to read the audience, Leigh can deliver the perfect message your audience needs to walk away transformed.

From the experiences of the pain from his past, Leigh uses this pain to deliver content that is real and relatable. Speaking on a variety of topics, Leigh is able to break down time-tested principles into small, bite-sized actionable chunks.

Leigh doesn’t believe the end goal should be just an emotional experience, but that each person should leave with a solid action plan.

Speaking Topics

Prospecting, Sales, & Marketing

As a CEO of a digital marketing agency and someone that has built large direct sales teams, Leigh has discovered exactly what to say and do in order to produce MASSIVE results.

Examples of what tour team/organization can expect to learn:

  • How and Why prospects make decisions
  • The secret to creating HOT prospects ON-DEMAND
  • How to capture attention in the first 7 seconds of an interaction
  • Speak directly to the decision-making part of the brain
  • The EXACT words and phrases that bypass the salesman alarm
  • The words they’re currently using that is turning people off
  • How to save time by building instant rapport in less than 15 seconds
  • The art of ATTRACTING people to them like a magnet
Leadership & Team Building

Leadership and team building all boil down to one thing: influence. Start creating the momentum needed for organizational and direct sales leadership.

Examples of what your team/organization can expect to learn:

  • Crafting a story that creates instant buy-in
  • How to inspire & move their teams into action using their story
  • Increase effectiveness with soft-skills such as coaching and delegation
  • How to conduct interviews the RIGHT way, in order to decrease attrition and hiring costs
  • A strategy to INSTANTLY spot potential leaders from the rest of the team
  • How to gain influence with their employees or teams
  • Overcoming the beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets that are keeping them STUCK
Motivation & Peak Performance

Motivational speeches by themselves won’t change your audience – only the APPLICATION of that motivation will inspire lasting change. If you want your team/organization to STAY fired up, then there are a few actions they’ll need to take.

Examples of what your team/organization can expect to learn:

  • The REAL SECRET to success
  • How to overcome fear and procrastination once and for all
  • The three levels of commitment, and how to level up
  • How to turn the mess of their past into a message of hope for their future
  • Why the fear of failure is a complete and utter myth
  • The importance of their WHY, and how it’s suffocating their performance
  • How to make two-millimeter shifts in their thinking to create monumental change
  • And much more!
God Centered Success

Your audience needs to know that they shouldn’t hide from their story. God can turn their story into HIS story, and use their HISTORY to impact someone else’s future.

Furthermore, what does the Bible say about success, and how can Godly principles be applied in everyday life?

Examples of what your team/organization can expect to learn:

  • How to BREAK FREE from the bondage of their past and live in TOTAL FREEDOM
  • The importance of servant leadership, and the impact they can make
  • Why false humility may be choking their relationships and stifling growth
  • How their approach to God is directly impacting how they approach business relationships
  • Why perspective is NOT realityREALITY is REALITY
  • The hazards of buying into “your truth“, and what the Bible says about THE Truth
  • Understanding their God-created value and identity
  • The power of having a vision, demonstrating faith, and having an unwavering belief
  • And much more!

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