Leigh’s Story

Growing Up

Originally born in Brady, TX, Leigh moved around a lot due to the divorce of his parents at age 6. After the death of his father at age 10, Leigh became a pretty troubled pre-teen. Living in Seguin, TX and trying to find a sense of belonging after the death of his dad, Leigh began to hang out with members of a local gang. Shortly after, his stepdad got a job with the Houston Fire Department, and they moved to the Houston, TX area.

Throughout middle school, Leigh continued to get into trouble and even failed the 7th grade. His homelife was pretty modest, with a brother and two sisters, along with a 10-year age gap between he and his siblings. However, the relationship between Leigh and his parents could be quite toxic at times. Although his stepdad made a modest living with the fire department, it wasn’t easy trying to support a wife and four kids while dealing with someone as unruly as Leigh. The resulting financial stresses multiplied with a “wild child” escalated on multiple occasions.

In Highschool, something finally changed and Leigh became an A-B student. He played football, basketball, and joined the powerlifting team. Most notable was finding a sense of belonging with a local youth ministry, where Leigh served in leadership as the worship leader.

Troubled Times

Leigh worked at Chick-Fil-A for a year after high school, but when an argument erupted with this stepdad in 2002, he decided to move out. With nowhere to go, Leigh was homeless and lived in his car for six months before finally getting back on his feet.

His spiritual life was a rollercoaster ride for the next several years. Living on Rockstar Energy drinks, several late nights, and hardly any sleep, Leigh tried his best to be a Godly man. As lead vocalist in a local rock band, Leigh wanted his music to influence others and make a difference – but instead he found himself more and more influenced by the music scene and its surroundings.

In 2006, Leigh met his wife Donna and was also introduced to direct sales and network marketing – where he started his entrepreneurial journey.

Several successes and even more failures followed, but all of the pain of his past would finally catch up to him.

Broken and Defeated

Following a three month break in their relationship, Leigh and Donna got married in 2008 after being together for two years. However, the years that followed were some of the most difficult he had ever experienced. After serving as the corporate sales trainer at HostGator and a store manager for Sprint, in 2014 Leigh moved to DFW, leaving Donna in Houston – ultimately planning to get a divorce.

After a three month separation, Leigh and Donna chose to work things out and Leigh moved back to Houston.

Within a few months, they found a new church called Hope City and they knew they had found their new home! Leigh was hired on as a VP for a software company, and life seemed good!

But that following December of 2015, they found themselves right back where they started. It seemed that so much of the baggage Leigh had been carrying since childhood kept him from moving forward. It became a pattern – take one step forward, and then two steps backward. For the next six months, Leigh sunk into a depression. He started smoking weed, cigarettes and drinking heavily. During that time, Donna lost two of her brothers – one to cancer and the other murdered in NE Houston.

At this point, with both feeling broken and defeated, it seemed that divorce was inevitable – and the only option.

But God…

It appeared that God had different plans. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Leigh and Donna did NOT get a divorce, and instead chose to work things out! By mid-June of 2016, the two decided to prepare to fight harder for one another than they ever had!

Still calling Hope City home, Leigh and Donna committed a process of healing and restoration. While it wasn’t easy, it was totally worth it – and now their marriage is better than it’s ever been!

After they found freedom, they decided to lead others through the same process. In addition, they now help coach other leaders that are taking others through the same process that brought healing to them and their marriage.

They’re also launching an apparel company called Reconnect Apparel, and Leigh currently serves as CEO of a brand consulting and digital marketing agency called Nevel Media.

Making A Difference

Overwhelmingly grateful for everything that God has done for him, Leigh recognized that there are a lot of other people out there that are just waiting for someone to come along and speak life over them and their situation.

There are people living unfulfilled lives and just need some encouragement and hope. They aspire to become more than they currently are and are fed up with not being where they want to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Leigh recognizes that people need encouragement to go beyond where they currently are, to where they want to be.

And that’s why Leigh created Webyonder.

“I believe that God has a PLAN and PURPOSE for your life, and on the other side of your PAIN is a PROMISE that leads to your PURPOSE.”

We All Have A Story

A message from Leigh Ellis

We all have a story, and I believe that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you’ve done…The tests that you go through in life can become your biggest testimonies.

Your failures are not final and your pain isn’t permanent. The struggle you may be going through now is going to give you strength for the destiny that God wants to walk you into.

As a Christian, I believe that God has a plan and purpose for your life, and on the other side of your pain is a promise that leads to your purpose.

God can turn your story into His story, and He’ll use your history to impact someone else’s future.

Webyonder is my vision to share my failures, victories, and experiences with the hopes of inspiring you to become a better leader, discover your purpose, and ultimately make a difference.

Success means different things to different people, and it’s not my job to define that for you. But my job – MY HEARTBEAT – is to help you go beyond where you are to where you want to be.

Leigh Ellis

Entrepreneur | Success Coach | Hope Dealer

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